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Südtirol/Alto Adige(IT)

8a06ef1f55d4a2361401f52a94aa7126 thumb 139 Crags / 11 Regions / 4703 Routes
In South Tyrol, Alpine and Mediterranean culture mix, Germans, Italians and Ladins live together. As varied as traditions and the ways of living are in the region, as diversified are the landscape, the type of rock, the walls and therefore as well the climbing styles: ridges, slopers, slab and pocket climbing, easy and difficult routes – in South Tyrol everyone will find a project.

Random Picks: Tanzbach, Untere Nasswand, Sass Dlacia
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2576fd817295f9839ea5b7f5d0958e78 thumb 82 Crags / 8 Regions / 2982 Routes
In Trentino, there are a large number and a great variety of rocks. They are all in relative proximity and captivate quite often with their breath-taking surroundings. It is not without reason that Arco is called the mecca of sport climbing. The Lake Garda produces a mild climate and this circumstance makes year round climbing possible. In addition to Arco, the areas Rovereto, Trento, the Sarca valley together with the Valley of the Lakes and Giudicaria are presented here.

Random Picks: Lago Nembia, circuito 3 (GraMitico), Padaro
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2f7cebf9371be365c632defd698e345d thumb 22 Crags / 2 Regions / 1386 Routes
Veneto is the most visited region in Italy thanks to its historic and artistic patrimony and its scenic attractions. In Lumignano the history of sportclimbing is relatively long. Over the years, the dreamy village near Vicenza has become one of the most important sportclimbing centers in the north of Italy.

Random Picks: Béco d'Ajál, Laste, Cinque Torri
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East Tyrol(AUT)

5ff1c55d7d390b62912b455a37966d99 thumb 3 Crags / 1 Regions / 397 Routes
Not far from the Dolomites of Sexten, the area around Lienz in East Tyrol, Austria offers some very interesting crags. In Dolomitenhütte you can climb on dolomite lime, directly underneath the mountain hut. The crag of Kreithof is well suited for beginners, as there are many routes with contained grades on a wall that is not very high.

Random Picks: Falkenstein, Dolomitenhütte, Kreithof
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Friuli Venezia Giulia(IT)

Ac6cc994a3dc346bcc9aaa5676aea0bd thumb 1 Crags / 1 Regions / 175 Routes
The region of Friuli Venezia Giulia lies at the eastern end of the Alps, where the mountains are still relatively pristine and wild. It is not coincidental that in this region you can find one of the historic climbing areas of Italy: Erto. The place is located right at the border to Veneto, next to the Vajont dam. Italian sportclimbing history was written here. And still, some manage to find new extraordinary jewels on this impressive wall.

Random Picks: Erto
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F60144f136482046361a749b602caadd thumb 127 Crags / 10 Regions / 4381 Routes
The Austrian province of Tyrol lies in the heart of the Eastern Alps. For a while now, Tyrol has been known as Austria‘s home and center of sport climbing. It is not by coincidence that many young tyrolean talents have emerged and grown into successful athletes, securing many top spots in the world cup rankings. Sport climbing has a long history in Tyrol. It goes back to the time of the great pioneers, such as Hermann Buhl, who were training for their alpine ascents and other purists, who were mainly climbing single pitches for their difficulties.

Random Picks: Berliner Hütte, Götterwandl, Silberwurz und Fölsefescht
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4c5f03394cbe7f4c6ace14146ef67202 thumb 25 Crags / 4 Regions / 792 Routes
The large Italian island of Sicily opposite to the African coast has a lot to offer when it comes to sportclimbing. Alessandro Gogna with his “Mezzogiorno di Pietra” was the first to express the great potential of this region. Starting with the pioneers and adventurous developers up until now, a lot has happened. One of the most important climbing festivals takes place in San Vito lo Capo, the climbing mekka of Sicily. Good food and fantastic beaches make the area an ideal place to spend a climbing-relaxing vacation on the Italian island.

Random Picks: Bunker, Cinema Paradiso, Parco Cerriolo
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4ed98d57901cbe16751bbe9cceb392ae thumb 18 Crags / 2 Regions / 561 Routes
The region of Campania is rarely known among climbers, but it has quite some spots to offer and still an enormous hidden potential. One area, that has gained some attention, is the Amalfi Coast. With its panoramic view and the high quality of climbing it is one of the most interesting destinations of Italy. In the immediate surroundings, you find some more crags that are worth a visit. The villages on the coast offer very beautiful beaches and you will find excellent Italian food everywhere.

Random Picks: Punta Campanella, Monte Gambera, Mazzoccola - Antonio Galasso
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E73720aac80497c8d512f807a6f51d91 thumb 16 Crags / 1 Regions / 582 Routes
The region around the Italian capital Rome offers not only cultural highlights. In Lazio you can find some of the most beautiful crags of Italy. In the surrounding area of Sperlonga there are fantastic routes on slabs and vertical walls, not to forget the spectacular cave of “Spiaggia dell’Arenauta”. Typical culinary products and the warm tyrrhenian sea give the climbing area a special mediterranean flair.

Random Picks: Il Paretone, Eldorado, Parete delle Meraviglie
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47104f7ba3b91e173696dbd338e98724 thumb 3 Crags / 1 Regions / 479 Routes
Coastal-Karst (Slovene: Obalno Kraška) is one of the 12 statistical regions of Slovenia. Situated in the south-west of the country, it is the only one that has access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Random Picks: Osp - Luknja, Srnjak & Big Wall, Osp - Banje in Babna, Mišja Peč
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358191ff30d059f66fd1e793dc2af97c thumb 127 Crags / 2 Regions / 4955 Routes

Random Picks: Settore Intermedio, Konvento, Hangar
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Ee648a7e0ccae4d644ddc0f8a8403814 thumb 33 Crags / 3 Regions / 2085 Routes

Random Picks: Amieva / Desfiladero de Los Beyos, Puente de Lebeña, Cueva del Corazón
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5b8e8f0a45dce6071158ac7c8d2ffb13 thumb 14 Crags / 1 Regions / 1014 Routes

Random Picks: Aviados, Hoces Free, La Piedra / Valle de Pedrosa
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3ffc8ebfe40f4f7ad20702f2d971f290 thumb 16 Crags / 2 Regions / 763 Routes

Random Picks: Millennium, Tornanti, Monte Bonacoa
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De18b4b9dd6ddec589aac4eb750372bd thumb 20 Crags / 3 Regions / 229 Routes

Random Picks: Meteora-Ambaria, Karathona, Meteora-Ypsilotera Rock
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Agean Islands(GR)

D2753e8f7c3f3950c13914faa6a69ea0 thumb 7 Crags / 4 Regions / 324 Routes

Random Picks: Grupa Sokoła, Symi-Ai Giorgis Dysalotos, Wąwóz Ostryszni
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Central Greece(GR)

C0103da2f57e5292e9270a25a6f5176f thumb 4 Crags / 2 Regions / 144 Routes

Random Picks: Almyros-Ambelia, Almyros-Spiliorema, Almyros-Yellow Rock
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C51f70b98df36554b548909e4e01bb2d thumb 38 Crags / 7 Regions / 1431 Routes

Random Picks: Leonidio-Mars, Leonidio-Saint Nicholas Sintza, Leonidio-Balcony
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E9318eced1e3e2c07d091eb1824e04f8 thumb 9 Crags / 1 Regions / 327 Routes

Random Picks: Chaos, Mount Parnitha-Mikri Varasova, Mount Parnitha-Acharneis
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82537a80731d41c43a07ed24e6baaa2f thumb 66 Crags / 2 Regions / 2786 Routes

Random Picks: Psili Riza, Princess Canyon, Arginonta Valley
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33a583664763b1961152db831d12a3d5 thumb 61 Crags / 9 Regions / 2526 Routes
Yosemite is climbing’s Mecca. No other area offers such easy access to endless, towering routes. The vibrant climbing community, the amiable weather, the endless recreational activities here and nearby, the verdant meadows beneath the cliffs, are all just icing on the cake. Alas, until now, beta for Yosemite climbs was scarce. New routes are rarely reported, and the previous guidebooks–the latest over a decade old–have become seriously outdated. This has resulted in a few dozen popular routes staying packed with climbers, while hundreds of other awesome climbs remain anonymous, gathering leaves.

Random Picks: Arches - Super Slide, Highway Star, Church Bowl
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F0bb76e92e085d196393820f35bc3da0 thumb 13 Crags / 2 Regions / 664 Routes

Random Picks: Moya, Fataga, Ayagaures
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C90e48e00a5e71bc902a2357d2f1bacf thumb 48 Crags / 6 Regions / 1089 Routes
Auch Zecken gibt es auf der Ostalb. Die winzigen Blutsauger lauernim Gras oder auf Büschen, um sich an einem vorbeikommenden Wirt festzuhalten. Der Zeckenstich an sich ist ungefährlich, jedoch ist die mögliche Übertragung von Borreliose und FSME (Frühsommer- Meningoenzephalitis) sehr ernst zu nehmen. Vor FSME kann man sich nur vorab durch eine Impfung schützen, Borreliose wird mit Antibiotika behandelt. Lange Kleidung, Hose in den Socken und ein Zeckenschutzmittel, sowie umsichtigs Verhalten verringern das Risiko eines Zeckenbisses. Da es sich hin und wieder nicht vermeidenmlässt, einer Zecke Unterschlupf zu bieten, ist ein gründliches Absuchen nach dem Klettern unerlässlich. Für das Entfernen vor Ort eine Zeckenkarte im Rucksack zu haben, schadet nicht.

Random Picks: Bachfels, Kleiner Himmelsfels, Drehfelsen
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E4879b134e7d9606f7777f0f8352c28c thumb 208 Crags / 9 Regions / 2622 Routes

Random Picks: Stumpf, Efeufels, Fußwand
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Schwäbische Alb(DE)

C1167bc3cb26460a04a6ed0faffc92d8 thumb 74 Crags / 8 Regions / 2378 Routes

Random Picks: Untere Peilerwand, Günzelburg, Steinbruchfelsen
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47 Crags / 6 Regions / 1428 Routes

Random Picks: Długa Skała z Półką, Góra Birów, Igły Olkuskie
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35 Crags / 3 Regions / 1061 Routes

Random Picks: Lochenstein, Fuchsfels, Naturparkfels
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