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South Tyrol is a true paradise for climbers and boulderers. From west to east and south to north, a lot of variety is guaranteed. A large diversity of rock faces, various geological compositions, often in unique landscapes and routes of all grades attract guests as well as families and the local climbing community. Especially the latter can be found in South Tyrol's crags up to the highest levels of difficulty. Young talents try to keep up with their role models, impress with spectacular route repetitions and set new milestones in South Tyrol's sport climbing history. Today South Tyrol offers more than 45 climbing facilities and about 150 crags and bouldering areas. A large number of these artificial and natural climbing possibilities are run and maintained voluntarily by the AVS - Alpenverein Südtirol (South Tyrolean Alpine Club) in the service of the general public. In addition to areas that kept growing and evolving throughout the history of climbing and crags set up by local AVS departments, many of South Tyrol's most interesting climbing and bouldering areas have their own personal history, often reflected in the nature of the routes. Many of these areas have been developed on the initiative of a few climbers and are now indispensable. Much has changed since the first comprehensive guidebook from 2002. So in 2015, the updated edition was published, which is already out of stock. As AVS we see it as our task to continuously provide a complete climbing guidebook for South Tyrol. Thus, with this reprint the entire contents of the guide have been revised, updated and expanded with new crags. With a multitude of newly developed routes and areas and with a new partner, the South Tyrolean publishing house and software provider Vertical-Life, a single guidebook has now become a double pack: a sport climbing and a bouldering guide. On behalf of the entire climbing community, I would like to thank all those who have bolted routes in more than 150 areas with a great deal of volunteer effort and dedication, who have set up access roads and are now maintaining areas and repairing defects. Only through this immense effort we can enjoy climbing in that many crags in South Tyrol. Special thanks are also due to the various local AVS departments, which often make the publication of a climbing area possible through concluded agreements with landowners. All of the crags described in this book, which are located in protected areas, were published in close consultation with the regional authorities for nature parks. A lot of local climbers have been involved in the development of this guidebook, we also want to thank them all in the name of the entire climbing community. We wish you exciting and successful outdoor climbing days and hope that you can fully live out your enthusiasm in South Tyrol's crags.
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