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Train more efficiently and easily than ever before!

Get individualized training plans, tailored to your abilities and interests, matched to the routes and boulders in your gym.

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The new training feature for climbing is here!

Climbing is a constant progression: improve your skills, climb new routes, harder grades and projects. The training feature of the Vertical-Life app enables you to sign up for a personalized training plan.

It's simple: start at your current level, set your timetable and choose your local climbing gym as a training venue. Get your personalized training schedule tailored to your individual needs and goals. A series of video tutorials serve to teach style and technique. Performance tracking motivates you to keep going.

Training plans

Follow training routines designed by pro coaches.

Get started with a personalized routine and work out in your gym.

Training log

Monitor your activity statistics in the training log.

Track all your climbing sessions and your training progress.

Free workouts

Spice up your gym sessions with free, customized workouts.

Try out single-day training plans and get psyched for more.

We’ve teamed up with world class coach Ingo Filzwieser in order to bring state of the art training plans to all ambitious climbers out there.

Ingo Filzwieser

“Climbing and bouldering fulfill me completely, it is an integral part of my life.”

“I love to convey this sensation to others. That’s why I enjoy coaching and teaching so much. It is an unbelievable feeling to see climbers improve and get stronger when you share your advice with them.”

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