Schweiz plaisir West I

__We are working on digitizing the update from this book. The code redemption date will be reset to 3 years once the update is fully digitized.__ ----------------------- Dear Climbers How the time flies! Seven years have passed since the last edition of “Plaisir West” was released. It was time to put the numerous new routes to the test and to check on the existing ones. Christina Schmid was my steady companion on these forays, as is apparent in the many photos... For the first time, “Plaisir West” is being offered in two volumes. One reason is that so many new Plaisir areas have been developed and older routes have been rebolted. The other reason is that Susten and Furka Pass areas, previously a part of the “Plaisir Ost (East)” series, is now incorporated into “Plaisir West”. This way, these guidebooks can remain handy and small enough to stash in your pocket. Tireless route developers have been busy with their drills and hammers putting up wonderful and fun new routes. They also have brought back to life many old forgotten lines, re-equipping them with new hardware. That said, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all climbers to thank these people for their hard work and diligence. We appreciate you! These rebolting efforts were coordinated and sponsored by a variety of local climbing groups and clubs. “Rebolting”, “Plan Vertical”, and the Valais Mountain Guides Union coordinated efforts for the rebolting and equipment replacement in the areas included in “Plaisir West”. Becoming a donor, you can contribute a great deal to further these efforts. Thank you! In the pages that follow, you will find many more details about the climbs. As a heads up: The climbing areas described in “Plaisir West” are some of the most beautiful areas in the Alps. It is well worth it to have both editions on your bookshelf! The sheer amount of climbing available to you is simply mind boggling and a lifetime of climbs awaits you. I wish you all the best of times and unforgettable enjoyable experiences in one of the most beautiful climbing areas in all of Switzerland! Reichenbach, Switzerland, February 2019 Sandro von Känel
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