Arco Multi-pitch

„Again a new guide book for multi-pitch routes?“ is a question many may have asked themselves… but this one is different! The idea behind this guide was not to compose the next collection of both alpine and sport routes of all grades, but a clear selection of plaisir-routes between 4a and 7c. When selecting the routes, the main focus was their protection, meaning routes protected with bolts and pitons in some cases; in case it is necessary to use trad gear, it is explicitly mentioned. Another criteria for the selection of the routes was rock quality as well as the homogenity (least sections with scrambling and vegatation) and the lines of the routes (as little traverses and zig-zagging as possible, as they cause uncomfortable rope drag). Additionally, we wanted to choose routes that can be free climbed (also for everyday climbers). If routes were first ascended with aid climbing, we tried to free climb the A0-sections and grade them. What certainly distinguishes this guide is that we have climbed all of the routes and drew the topo guides accordingly to the best of our abilities. We climbed on the walls of Arco and the Sarca valley during frosty January days as well as scorching days in May. Accordingly, the clothing in the pics varies from down jackets to „topless“ and the landscapes from snowy to lush green. Of course this work could not be completed without any mishaps. We dropped a quite expensive lens down the wall quite at the beginning and misplaced an iPad (to this day, we have no idea where we left it). Not to mention some topos that got either lost or destroyed by the rain and left illegible. Ballpens that stopped working halfway up the wall and empty batteries in our GPS, which we used to track approaches and descends. We cursed, we laughed, and we damaged a lot. We sweated, we froze, and lost our patience a good many times. All the work is finally done, hopefully bringing you tons of joy and fun!” Rebecca & Georg
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