2022: 12 months - 12 crags

How much adventure can you fit into one climbing year? A lot. We scrolled through all our guidebooks and selected 12 crags for you, one for each month: an imaginary roadmap that gathers some of the world's finest spots. Whether you visit one, many or all of them: we hope you have an unforgettable time! __January/Olympic Wall & Ocean Dream - A Kalymnian gem__ Olympic Wall has it all! Pockets, tufa pipes, funky limestone-blobs and even some techy face-climbing here and there. Add the stunning view across the Mediterranean Sea and you have one of Kalymnos' finest sectors. __February/Tassilandia - Limestone with a view__ When it's still winter in the mountains around Tassilandia all you need are a few rays of sun to enjoy prime conditions here. Don't forget to look behind you - the view on the Lago is fantastic from up here. Finish the day off with an espresso at the next village's bar and you have an italian climbing experience at its best. __March/Terradets - A wall to remember__ There's so much good rock in Catalunya, but that also makes it hard for a certain crag to stand out. Terradets does that with ease and for a good reason - a more impressive wall is hard to find. __April/ Karin - Spring vibes á la Croatia__ In terms of people the Dalmation coast is the exact opposite of the famous crags in Spain or Italy: big crowds are a rare phenomenon. In spring, the temps are ideal and while climbing on grey-blue limestone amidst lush landscapes you will ask yourself why you haven't come here before. __May/Doolin - Smell the salt__ Yes, there is bouldering in Ireland! And it's really good too! The area of Doolin not only has great limestone bouldering on nice edges, but also a unique setting. Doolin sits right next to the Atlantic with an incredible view of the Aran Islands. __June/Legoland - South Africa´s best alternative__ No question, the Rocklands are great but when you are in South Africa you shouldn´t miss the country's best sport-climbing area called Montagu. Legoland is one of its most convenient sectors and perfectly suitable for beginners and kids. __July/Wild Iris - A marvellous beauty__ Once seen, never to forget - this is Wild Iris in a nutshell. With its bone white limestone, Wild Iris rises like a shark´s fin amidst the Windriver mountains. This place is not only one of the most beautiful crags the US. 400+ routes guarantee an incredible variety for days on end... __August/Santa Clara - Climbing and exploring in Ecuador__ Sportclimbing in Ecuador - sounds great, but where? The answers is easy: Santa Clara Alto. This spot near the city of Quito is fairly new and has great potential. If you are interested in climbing and also experiencing the culture & sights of an incredible country, Santa Clara is the perfect choice. __September/Hyltebergen - Göteburg´s finest__ Many people won't consider Göteborg a sport-climbing venue. They probably haven't heard of Hyltebergen then. With 130+ routes and a grade-range from 5a to 8b there´s something for everybody. __Oktober/Agios Andreas - A Peloponnesian must stop__ When you're headed to Leonidio, Agios Andreas 40k north is a must stop. Why, is easy to explain. The rock is good everywhere but on the right side of the cliff it becomes outstanding. Because most people drive through to Leonidio you might have this orange beauty all for yourself. __November/Schwingbogen - Bat(wo)man´s first choice__ If you like upside-down climbing, the franconian crag Schwingbogen with its unique rock-gate is the place for you. If bat-hanging isn't for you, will find less steep terrain on the nearby Brunnsteinwand. __December/Amchit - Between cedars and the sea__ Lebanon might be a small country but the diversity it contains is gigantic From prehistoric times on, Phoenicians, Romans, Ottomans have left their mark and created a one-of-a-kind pasticchio in terms of religion, culture and lifestyle. With the climbing in Amchit another stone has been added to this mosaic.
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