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The all-new training feature was developed with professional climbing coach Ingo Filzwieser to bring state of the art training knowledge to climbers. What you get: Personalized training plans, tailored to your ability and goals, and matched to the routes and boulders in your gym

Personalized Training Plans

It's simple: set your goal, choose your gym, and get a detailed training schedule.

Smart Training Schedule

Your training schedule adapts to your performances in previous training sessions.

Detailed performance statistics

Monitor your activity statistics in the training log. Track all your climbing sessions and your training progress.

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Vertical-Life Training

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Training Plans

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We’ve teamed up with world class coach Ingo Filzwieser in order to bring state of the art training plans to all ambitious climbers out there.

Ingo Filzwieser

Former Austrian national team coach

“Climbing and bouldering fulfill me completely, it is an integral part of my life.”

“I love to convey this sensation to others. That’s why I enjoy coaching and teaching so much. It is an unbelievable feeling to see climbers improve and get stronger when you share your advice with them.”

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You can unsubscribe anytime by going to your profile page on our website and pausing your subscription.
What are training plans?
They are a set of climbing exercises personalized to your goals and level. Training plans can be created at your gym of choice for sport climbing, bouldering, or a mix of both.
What are workouts?
Workouts are single training sessions. Choose your gym, select a workout, and start training.
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Each team member gets premium access on their own individual account.

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