The first interactive, cable-less timing system designed for climbing

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If you are looking for an easy and highly mobile way to put on speed competitions, speed training, and other fun timed challenges and events, look no further. The Ninja Timer can be used flexibly throughout the gym, be it on your speed lanes, parkours/ninja courses, kids’ birthday games, or just about any other timed event or challenge you are looking to set up. The Ninja Timer will bring more engagement and excitement to your gym!

The software integration and WIFI-enabled setup allows climbers to use the Ninja Timer without assistance. Anyone can sign-up with a smartphone or tablet and climb in a matter of minutes. The cable-less setup eliminates the need to invest in fixed and inflexible timing systems, as it can be easily moved to and used in many areas around the gym.

Simple Setup & Operation

  • Portable, cable-less setup: assemble and disassemble in just a few minutes
  • Control via any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • WIFI enabled, wireless timing system
  • Creation of gym rankings when paired with Smart Climbing Gym software

Various modes for different needs

  • Speed mode: train with the Speed World Cup start signal and monitor reaction time
  • Silent mode: perfect for auto-belay sessions
  • Judged competition mode: simulate the entire competition procedure in training
  • Event mode: host events with many participants

Efficient training and competitions

  • Coaches can set up speed sessions and monitor performances
  • Measures time to one-hundredth of a second and athletes ‘reaction time
  • IFSC compliant audio cue
  • Easy implementation of competitions & rankings

Pricing & Scope of delivery

  • € 1750 for 1 line (2 Pads + Base station)
  • € 1500 for 2 additional Pads

Competition and Training software

  • Integrated WIFI interface
  • Operational offline mode
  • Transmit timed results and standings via an HDMI cable to monitors
  • Audio cue in accordance with IFSC specifications (connect with an AUX cable)

Two Pads + Base Station

  • 1 Start Pad(s) and 1 Finish Pad(s)
  • 19x24 cm pressure-activated contact surface and photo-electric sensor
  • Battery-operated, rechargeable, WIFI enabled
  • Average battery life: 90 days (factored at 30 speed runs/day)
  • Base station (Raspberry Pi)

Get the first interactive, cable-less timing system designed for climbing.

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